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Pop up is like a theatre. 

A good pop up campaign will empower brands, that’s why we’re always searching for the best way to putting them into the spotlights.


Pop up has become a creative and impactful form of marketing and advertising. Our aim in all pop-up formats is to present content and experiences that visitors will love, remember and share online.


Store for Brands started their pop-up adventure in the busiest shopping street of the Netherlands; the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. We continuously presented pop up campaigns for premium brands from our own pop up location for more than six years. 

After this pioneering pop up period we continued and expanded our pop-up business to airports, railway stations and shopping malls. We’re proud of the broad variety of premium brands and content we’ve been presenting over the last 9 years. From Coca Cola till the Formula 1 – The Beatles, Harry Potter and The Voice of Holland.

We can't wait to pop up with more next level content. 

Feel free to contact us for more information!

logo' merken a3 staand.jpg
logo' merken a3 staand.jpg
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